Ron and Claud meet my flash program and
it results in a little R&C movie!

I'd like to thank my friend Zebulen for
letting me use his comic character Doofus

one of my attempts at funny violence

This is one of my favorite works
it features a lego man named Ego

Legos fighting with lego light sabers!
What will happen?

A stick figure with a skate board
what more could you ask for?

The poem was taken directly from book and the
trailer is something I hope to flesh out later

An old man finds a hat

Our little stick figure returns
to perform a dance for us!

Our little stick figure returns once again
to play with balloons!

My Friend Zebulen's stick figure animation, sticky fight!

My Friend Zebulen's second animation to make it onto my site, fight night!

my runescape video!