A drawing I did of the main character from my friend's book
My spin on Sora from Kingdom Hearts
My spin on Sora colored
The mustache bandit!
A drawing on a sticky note
My idea for a charater for favorite online game runescape
A pic of my cat yawning
Runescape fan art
An old pic
A man in a wheelchair under a tree in fall
My face after some editing
A man in a notebook
Ninja warrior!
A kid posing for a school yearbook
My friend 'Joe Cool'
Wally from Dilbert in a kilt
My friend Justin's comic 1
My friend Justin's comic 2
My friend Justin's comic 3
My friend Justin's comic 4
My friend Justin's comic 5
My view of Cloud from FFVII
Main character "Spence" from my Choose your own Adventure story Hero
Eric, the boy from my Choose your own Adventure story Hero that Spence has just met
A girl who has yet to make an appearance in my Choose your own Adventure story Hero
Yeah thats right, my friend Joe Cool is back as a snowboarder!
John Williams, conductor for the Boston Pops for several years, as drawn by me
I guess it sorta looks like Jak from Jak and Daxter minus the pointy ears...
The first of a series of drawings I did with no hands
Second of the series, I left off the hands because I couldn't get them right
I drew this one just to see if I could draw six pack abs
This is the guy from the last one at a different angle, and wearing a shirt
I was asked to draw a picture of one of my friend's characters, Carol, so heres a first sketch
I traced a picture from Calvin and Hobbes, my favorite comic strip, and then got creative...
my second try at Carol
I traced the basic outline of Morgan from a TV show Criminal Minds and then filled in the details. I think it came out pretty well
I drew these with my friend a Zebulen a while ago and he's been telling me to put them on the site ever since... well here they are finally
I really like how this one came out... not too sure about the feet though
my friend Zebulen's werewolf pic
I draw each peice that I want to move independantly to make one complete person for animation
A drawing showing my friend Shingan Ryu
My friend Evan with a wig on. looks pretty natural!
A drawing of cartoon me... by me!
me a few years ago
me a coupla months ago =
not quite sure why I drew this one...
I drew my face as my sister described it to me, here it is!
This one just popped outa nowhere... 'o.O